Courses related to CLAIR: NLP/IR/Text Mining/Machine Learning/etc.

Representing and Accessing Digital Information Thorsten Joachims Cornell
Advanced Topics in Machine Learning Thorsten Joachims Cornell
Machine Learning Thorsten Joachims Cornell
Human Language Technology Lillian Lee Cornell
Computation, Information, and Intelligence Lillian Lee Cornell
Introduction to Natural Language Processing Claire Cardie Cornell
Natural Language Processing Lillian Lee Cornell
Natural Language Processing Claire Cardie Cornell
Statistical Natural Language Processing: Models and Methods Lillian Lee Cornell
Algorithms for Information Networks Jon Kleinberg Cornell
Networks Jon Kleinberg and David Easley Cornell
Machine-Learning Models and Algorithms for Structured Data Fernando Pereira UPenn
Advanced Topics in AI and Machine Learning Fernando Pereira UPenn
Algorithms in Molecular Biology (?) Fernando Pereira UPenn
Machine Learning for Language Processing Fernando Pereira UPenn
Networked life Michael Kearns UPenn
Natural Language Processing Regina Barzilay and Michael Collins MIT
Computational Models of Discourse Regina Barzilay MIT
Machine Learning Approaches for Natural Language Processing Michael Collins MIT
Topics in Applied Mathematics Martin Z. Bazant MIT
Statistical Natural Language Processing Dan Klein Berkeley
Natural Language Processing Jason Eisner JHU
Statistical Language Learning Jason Eisner JHU
Finite-State Methods In Natural Language Processing I Jason Eisner JHU
Finite-State Methods In Natural Language Processing II Jason Eisner JHU
Introduction to Natural Language Processing Andrew McCallum UMass
Computational Social Network Analysis Andrew McCallum UMass
Statistical Information Extraction Andrew McCallum UMass
Machine Learning Andrew Ng Stanford
Speech Recognition and Synthesis Dan Jurafsky Stanford
Natural Language Processing Chris Manning Stanford
Text Retrieval and Mining Chris Manning and Prabhakar Raghavan Stanford
Machine Learning Ray Mooney UTexas
Information Retrieval and Web Search Ray Mooney UTexas
Algorithms in Molecular Biology Ron Shamir Tel Aviv
Natural Language Processing Anoop Sarkar Simon Fraser U.
Statistical Learning of Natural Language Anoop Sarkar Simon Fraser U.
Computational Linguistics Anoop Sarkar Simon Fraser U.
Information Networks Panayiotis Tsaparas U. Helsinki
Machine Learning: Basic Principles Kai Puolamaki U. Helsinki
Graphs and Networks in Systems Biology Reka Albert Penn State U.
Interacting with Data David Blei Princeton
Statistical Learning Theory A Michael Jordan Berkeley
Statistical Learning Theory B Michael Jordan Berkeley
Networks: Theory and Application Lada Adamic Michigan
Network Theory Mark Newman Michigan
Information Theory, Pattern Recognition and Neural Networks David MacKay Cambridge
Advanced Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval Dragomir Radev Michigan
Network Theory Dragomir Radev Columbia
Search Engine Technology Dragomir Radev Michigan
Computational Complexity Luca Trevisan Berkeley
Data Mining Tom Minka MIT
Machine Learning Hal Daume Utah
Stochastic Processes Cosma Shalizi CMU
Chaos, Complexity, and Inference Cosma Shalizi CMU
Analysis of Social Media William Cohen and Natalie Glance CMU
Approximation Algorithms Shuchi Chawla UWisc